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By , MA, March 28, 2014

I'm new to Consumer Cellular, I was very hesitant to change providers so I kept my previous Provider for the 1st month to make sure I would be happy with CC. This has been the best experience I have had with a Cell Provider. Shipped my new phone in 3 days. Setup was extremely easy. Had a few questions on setting up Texting (Messaging) so I called expecting to be on the phone for awhile. My call was answered by the correct party within 2 minutes, She was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant and a pleasure to deal with. Wish I had made the change months ago!

By , OK, March 24, 2014

I like the Rugby. I found the "keyboards" hard to use until I bought a "stylus" from something that looked like a gum-ball machine outside a restaurant for $0.75. When I am using that typing is a breeze. If my fingers were smaller I might not need the stylus. I also found battery life to be a bother. but once I found and installed Juice Defender Ultimate battery life is pretty good. I REALLY like that ap and plan to get it for any Android phone or tablet I get in future. I REALLY like the size and ruggedness, especially not having to worry about sweat or other liquids messing it up. I am a loyal Samsung user and getting 2 rugbies (one for me and another for my wife) only made a MORE loyal Samsung user. Good luck! Mike

By , OH, February 9, 2014

I've had this Samsung now about three months and am pleased with it. It is my first smart phone so it took me a little while to learn to navigate but now I'm doing great with it. It's not the latest and greatest smart phone but it does everything I need and capable of a lot more. We had a grandchild due in November and I wanted a camera that would take and store pics with easy access. Even though this is our first smart phone I do keep up on tech items pretty closely. For the money it performs well and haven't had any issues with it. The only little glitch was I couldn't get it to activate online and had to call the service center which they did it in about five minutes. Good phone.

By , PA, January 31, 2014

I've had this telephone for one week and I love it. I actually have to turn the volume down. I was initially afraid of the new smartphone technology but this phone is very easy to use and it fits all my needs. I am a senior citizen and I do send text messages. My next adventure will be using the internet on this phone. Keep up the good work Consumer Cellular. My children tried to get me to change my service but you have the best deal in town.

By , KY, January 13, 2014

I received my Samsung Rugby Smart phone a little over a week ago. I do not consider myself an electronic literate person at all. However, I have learned many of the functions of this phone already and I am very pleased about that . If you are like me and struggle with learning about how to operate electronic devices, I would suggest that you download the complete owner's manual onto the desktop of your computer and take the time to study it; I found it very easy to understand. The videos were helpful also. Other than having a few problems with the keyboard being a bit small for my fingers at first, I love this phone! I did get the keyboard mastered with a bit of practice, however.

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