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I purchased my iPhone 5S from Apple (unlocked) before Consumer Cellular offered the nano-sim. I switched to CC as soon as I heard they now offer nano-sim for iPhone service. At first I did have issues transferring my number (needed a pin number for the previous provider). Then found out cellular data was not working. Everything else was fine. After a weekend of troubleshooting with a very professional CC technician the problem with cellular data remains. SOLUTION: 1) Verify with CC that you have the latest CC profile. 2) Reset your iphone 5 as a NEW phone (not from backup). This is a bit painful since you need to save photos/videos/ and reinstall some apps you may have paid for. But my phone is now fully functional.

By , CA, April 20, 2014

I received a card for an iPhone 4s. Put it in and it worked right away. The phone was from a different company.

By , TX, December 31, 2013

The Nano SIM Card don't work on iPhone 4. I ordered two and was hoping them to work on my two unlock iphone4s. These SIM cards are not compatible with iPhone 4s.

By , CA, February 6, 2015

They claim you can get a sim card and use your own phone. NOT TRUE!!! Nothing but trouble every step of the way!! Much time on the phone to set up each phone. Then I discovered the text and web were not working. Another night of my life spent on the phone. Finally got the text working. Never did get the data working. Nothing but excuses about using your own phone. Truth is, you buy one of their limited selection of phones, or you will have nothing but problems, problems, problems.

By , MA, December 19, 2013

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