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By , CT, June 27, 2013

I just got this cell phone and really like it. The only drawback is it has a short battery life between charges. Had to buy car charger and charger stand to keep it charged when not using.

By , TX, June 5, 2013

Its a really nice cell phone for the money. I like the flip style. There have been no problems with operating it, it takes pretty decent pictures. The only reason I gave it a 4 was that it won't send a text message to an email address. For this reason I'm exchanging it for another phone.

By , VA, June 4, 2013

Just like it states it is senior friendly but found out the hard way if you don't hit the red phone button your phone may not hang up! I used 150 minutes because my phone didn't hang up when I closed it! Almost went over my limit! Thought I would pass that on to the newcomers! Other then that the service has been great and very helpful.

By , MD, April 29, 2013

I will not repeat what others have praised about the Doro 618. My wife and I think it is a better phone than the Nokia flip phones we had, also from Consumer Cellular. The biggest disappointment for us is the absolutly poor performance of the camera feature. My wife takes care of our two grand daughters 5 days a week and thought being able to send a quick picture of the children to their parents during the day would be an added bonus of the Doro 618. It does easily send pictures with a text but really the quality of the picture is terrible. Why did Doro include this feature if they were going to use such a poor camera. So if sending pictures in a text is important, Do Not Buy this phone. If this feature is of no interest then the rest of the phone performs very well. And of course Consumer Cellular is a great company for price and service. Tip from Tony; When looking for a contact in the phonebook, typing the first letter of the name after going to the phonebook will bring you right to that section of the alphabet. No need to scroll from A to Z to find the desired contact.

By , MI, April 16, 2013

Actually I'd rate it at 3 1/2 stars due to lack of a better speaker. Both my wife and I were using Motorola Razr flip phones and we both hated them (poor battery life, lousy speaker, low volume, etc). Took a flyer and bought this one for my wife a few months ago and she like it. So I bought one for myself and donated both our old phones (really glad to get rid of them). The Doro is a bit fatter than the old ones but easy to use. I wear hearing aids and at least I can use this to make many calls. However, I still prefer to use the home phone whenever I can so I can use the speaker phone feature. Makes it much easier to communicate this way. The Doro has a speaker phone but I can't find it most of the time and when I do it's not very useful. Overall I'd recommend this for anyone that just wants a basic mobile telephone with no frills. Oh, I don't do texting but I understand it has the capability if you need it.

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