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By , CA, December 17, 2013

drops calls...speaker selection useless...battery life short.....web use very poor. am going to wal mart for better phone

By , FL, December 16, 2013

I keep my volume all the way up and put it on speaker for every call. I still can not hear unless I am in a complete silence. I have to turn up the volume and turn on the speaker foe each call. This phone is so frustrating I only use when absolutely essential. Before I bought this phone I used 400 minutes / month with a less expensive phone, but a more expensive carrier. I now average 100 minutes / month. I called and tried to upgrade. I would have to pay full price for the new phone and throw this junk away. The lady agreed with me. 'This phone is worthless.'

By , CA, December 15, 2013

This phone has been a problem from the beginning. Even after downloading a battery manager it loses it charge so often that I frequently find I am out with a non-working phone. Settings are also awkward, and it you touch your ear to the screen while on a call, it will drop the call. Consumer Cellular is a great company, and this phone is a liability to their reputation. They should offer to replace it for all the many people who are dissatisfied with it. Poor volume is mentioned by other reviewers, and it is a cause for endless frustration. Other very annoying things include the 'charge me' tone that goes off even when the phone is set on silent. I've been embarrassed at church and at the symphony by this and have actually removed the battery to stop the damn thing from repeating and disturbing everyone around me. If they ask who my cellular provider is, I will not answer, and since I cannot pronounce the name of the phone (it's been described as a 'piece of junk' by other reviewers -- I would probably call it a 'P.O.S.'

By , ME, December 13, 2013

We bought the phone a year ago and are very dissatisfied. Incoming calls are difficult to answer because you have to unlock the phone, which does not respond well. We have spent hours and asked several people including a computer engineer but have been unable to figure out how to store contacts on the SIM card. The phone is used for emergencies and we average a couple of texts a day. This is not at all intuitive, difficult to change settings, and we'll be buying a new phone.

By , MI, December 6, 2013

The only reason I still have this phone is because it cost $100 and I can't replace it, yet. It consistently drops calls upon answering, loses the dial pad when you are talking so you can't 'press 1 or any numbers' so if I want to check home voicemail while traveling I have to use my husband's old fashioned phone. Even the car dealer could not hook it up to my Sync in my auto so I cannot answer any calls while driving (sometimes a good thing),..When the customer service rep at Cons. Cell. tried to help me, she gave me directions and my phone just would not respond the way she expected. When my phone said it was full I was amazed. I learned it was because I have 5 or 6 pictures on it! I DO NOT LIKE THIS phone one little bit. The only good thing about it, is that it is pretty.

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