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By , OH, June 24, 2013

Had the opportunity to get an iPhone 4S and got the free SIM card from Consumer Cellular. It came in two days and worked immediately. Called to get the phone initialized and got the same superior customer service as I did when I bought my phone from them. I love this company and their service. After about a week my wife got 'phone envy' so I got her an iPhone 4S, a free SIM card and once again got super-fast shipping and excellent service.

By , GA, June 1, 2013

Bought an unlocked Motorola Atrix 4G from Ebay. Installed the Consumer Cellular SIM and was able to make and receive calls immediately. Called Consumer Cellular helpline and the courteous native English speaker set up the phone remotely to work over WIFI. Phone is fully functional (limited to 3G speed over the cell network of course) and I'm happy!

By , CA, May 24, 2013

I also have a 3G iPhone that was given to me. When I signed up with Consumer Cellular they sent me a sim card and my phone also worked perfectly. The only thing is you can't send or receive texts messages with pictures. Has anyone figured a way around that? I'm thinking of buying the $150 Consumer Cellular smart phone just for this reason. Also my 3G seems to be very slow. My sister has the same phone and the same complaints. Not Consumer Cellular's fault and we both love their service and support.

By , CA, May 20, 2013

For the way my wife and I use our cellphones, the Consumer Cellular sim card is perfect for us. With these sim cards our phones work great and the signal strength is head and shoulders above that of our previous carrier. And the total monthly cost is less as we don't have to pay for things we're not going to use.

By , TX, March 13, 2013

I was so pleased when I got my Sim card for my existing Samsung Infuse phone. It worked immediately and to get the Data activated....the website provides all the necessary info...WOW was I delighted. I also had to call to verify some info and that was also fantastic their Customer Service is wonderful!! Now here comes the 'but' I wish you had Unlimited Data as these smart phones run all the time. Lucky for me I got an email 2 days after I started the service that my Data was at limit...I couldn't believe it since I don't use the Web much. Customer Service explained that the Data on smartphones runs all the time (makes sense) so I turned it off. Again Love that Customer Service. But hopefully in the future unlimited will be an option. Thank you!

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