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By , MA, June 13, 2014

Let me first say that I LOVE Consumer Cellular much so that I was willing to go the "extra miles" to figure out how to get my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N9005 International Unlocked GSM phone working with internet and MMS (picture messaging system). Here is the solution... 4GLTE settings have to be used with a new APN (which you have to input yourself) in order to get the internet and MMS messaging up and running. You can find the info on this website under FAQs "How can I enable 4G LTE on my phone". Be sure to also put the MMS port number in the proxy port section or you will not get internet. Hope others with the same phone find this helpful.

By , OH, December 3, 2013

I am so pleased with being able to use my Galaxy phone and the Consumer Cellular SIM card. Set up was easy with step by step directions from a Consumer Cellular tech person. It is such a relief knowing I can change my plan and now pay for what I need to use! Thank you Consumer Cellular!

By , NJ, November 30, 2013

I ordered a sim card to convert my wife's phone from to Consumer Cellular and after receiving it was able to get it activated with help from your very knowledgeable customer service department. This is the third phone line on my account and I am very pleased with the phone service and your wonderful customer service department. You deserve your 4th consecutive #1 rating!!!

By , SD, November 26, 2013

I bought a new Galaxy Note I-1717 off Ebay to use on Consumer Cellular. What I immediately found out is that, for some unknown reason, the phone refused to accept Consumer Cellular's setup file. They'd sent it, but it wouldn't show up. It was an unlocked At&T phone to start with, and I had one HELL of a time getting it set up for CC. The Tweak app didn't help much, either, because of an error in that file. What I finally did was to get into APN and manually copy the setup from my old phone. Save the new APN while you're in THAT menu, or it won't work! There is one setting that has to be changed at the end ( I believe it was the MMS setting, since the data side wouldn't work at first), but once I did, WOW, did that phone take off! EVERYTHING works like gangbusters! Don't let a hard to set up phone discourage you. Keep at it! If it's a GSM phone, it WILL work once you figure out the trick. As for Consumer Cellular, the only way I'm leaving this company is when I croak! Their Tech Support's a little weak sometimes, but overall, I'd give CC a fat A+!

By , FL, November 9, 2013

I purchased a new unblocked iPhone 4S and requested from Consumer Cellular to please send me a mini SIM card for the new phone. It was sent within 3 days time and after some preliminary setup with the Apple phone I needed to contact Consumer Cellular to finish the install and start the service. With a few questions and replies I was up and running perfectly. My 4S came with the iOS7 and it quickly updated itself to i07.1 and the phone works great. I have a few days of acclimation with the operation menus and I'm good to go. Wi-fi works superbly and the clarity of the calls is first rate. This is my first iPhone and I couldn't be happier. I especially want to give a shout out to customer service as they handled this transition perfectly, 1st class service at a great price. Thank you Consumer Cellular!

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