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By , MA, March 19, 2015

I've had Consumer Cellular service for a month or so and so far, I'm very satisfied. Cheaper than my previous carrier and I like the fact that customer service is American based. As for this phone, it serves my purposes- don't need a smartphone. It seems well built, simple to use, and works just fine.

By , ID, February 3, 2015

I absolutely LOVE Consumer Cellular!!! We had never had cell phones before, only a landline. I HATED the landline. Couldn't hear it, didn't work half the time, and it cost a major fortune. But then we moved and could have cell phones about four years ago. We have been with them ever since and been VERY HAPPY!!! We can HEAR on our phones and we never have a problem, even in a storm. Thank you soooo much for coming to the backwoods of Idaho.

By , CA, January 8, 2015

I have had this elegant little flip phone for over a month. I live up in the mountains but the coverage has been very good. It works very well with my hearing aids and I prefer it to my landline. It fits nicely in my pocket unlike an iPhone which was just too large with features I'd never use. If you want good phone service and a fair camera, this is for you.

By , NY, December 15, 2014

A while back I got into a conversation at the car dealer with a stranger about cell phones and she HIGHLY recommended Consumer Cellular. I've had this phone for several months now and love it. I was previously with another carrier and stuck with contracts, high bills, and horrible customer service. I decided to go back to basics with a flip phone. I never really used my smartphone much and resented the high monthly bill. I must say that I love my new flip phone, it's easy to use and the couple of times I've called Consumer Cellular they were great. My bill is now where it should be- affordable. This phone is easy to use and I even get service with it in a 'known dead zone' near where I live, in a spot that my 'smartphone' NEVER worked! I kid you not. I also love the fact that the plans are flexible and you can change it according to your needs, and the best contracts! Consumer Cellular, PLEASE don't ever change!!

By , WA, December 5, 2014

I really like this phone, except with my hearing loss and despite wearing hearing aids, it is hard to hear. I have discovered that if I turn on the loudspeaker I can hear perfectly fine. Can't do that though until someone starts speaking!

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"I LOVE Consumer Cellular! I actually look forward to paying my bill because it's so easy and low!" — Jenny C.

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