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I had an iPhone 4C and decided to upgrade to the 6Plus. My significant other was never one for all the "high tech" gadgets, but his old Android phone was giving him fits - dropped calls, poor reception, slow (if any) web access, etc. We went to Target to purchase a SIM Card so he could start using my old 4c; the sales associate contacted Consumer Cellular while were in the store to get the card activated and installed into the phone. Great customer service from Target and Consumer Cellular! My guy was so amazed at what he had been missing out on! We pay approximately $100 per month for both of us (which will drop by $25 when my phone is paid for). I can't imagine why anyone would use another carrier!

By , IL, August 13, 2016

I am very pleased with my service. I had an iPhone and requested a SIM card for it. Consumer Cellular sent me a SIM card in two days. I installed the card, turned the phone on and I had service. Data, messaging, alerts and everything works great. I'm surprised how simple it was. They have saved me $75 dollars a month! I'm with Consumer Cellular from now on!!!

By , GA, August 1, 2016

I lost my phone on Sunday. On Monday, I searched the Consumer Cellular site for a new one. Unfortunately, no phone was available that suited my needs. After much searching elsewhere, I found a new phone at Target that seemed perfect. Target also sells the Consumer Cellular SIM cards. I brought it home, put the SIM in, turned it on, activated it at the website, and in about 5 minutes, Monday night, I was making calls, texting, surfing, etc. So very easy! And every function and feature works great! Best phone I ever had! Thanks for making it so easy, Consumer Cellular!

By , GA, June 24, 2016

I am using an unlocked Apple iPhone 4s. I see another reviewer who says that the CC SIM card doesn't work with iPhone 4s, but that is simply not true. I've been doing it for 2+ years, and it was really easy to make the switch! Love this company - our cell phone bills were cut in half, and customer support is GREAT.

By , CO, March 4, 2016

We have been with Consumer Cellular for less than a month as we are coming from a different carrier. We have been with the old carrier about 3 years as we were once on Consumer Cellular. Oh my my have this company have changed so much. They have insurance and to be honest when we came on this time everything was the same. We both keep our old phones and it is like light from dark. I am paying around $38.00 a month and was paying around $250.00 with everything we have here. So Guys I do not know how to say this in love but my lovey wife of almost 35 years is right. So now I have more money to spend on her and not the phone company. As far as I can see this is our Phone Company for life.

By , TX, February 25, 2016

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“I LOVE Consumer Cellular! I actually look forward to paying my bill because it's so easy and low!” — Jenny C.
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