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Doro PhoneEasy 618

I just got the Doro 618. It's great, never had a cell phone that I could send pictures with before. It's very easy to text also. Just wish I could surf the web.

Doro PhoneEasy 618

Best cellphone I have ever used! Nice bright large display. Clear screen easy to see and read. Large buttons. Easy to follow menus.

Wireless Home Phone Base

I have been using the Wireless Home Phone base for a little over a week and can honestly say it is as good if not better than any land line service or VOIP service I have had in the past. I had no problem porting my land line number over. It was easy to install and easy to hook up my 3 station cordless phone. I am saving about $35 monthly and the quality of sound and connectivity is great. Thanks Consumer Cellular, you have exceeded my expectations once again!

Apple iPhone 4s

I have had Consumer Cellular for over a month and am extremely pleased. I dropped ATT after 15 years; I had no complaints about them except for their high rates. I am getting 2000 anytime minutes, 15000 text message and shared 2GB data on three phones for $20/m less than I was paying ATT for 700 minutes, 2gb data on just one phone and NO texts. The Consumer Cellular reps are great and very helpful. The SIM cards they sent worked immediately with all features in my ATT iPhone 4s and Samsung Galaxy S4. On a Galaxy S3 I had to make some minor changes to the data settings but that was it.....LOCK and LOAD! If you have Consumer Cellular coverage in your area you really ought to give them a try....

Doro PhoneEasy 618

Love love love this phone. The volume is super for my mom and the buttons are super large for my mom to see and the contrast is great.

Apple iPhone 5c

Just when I didn't think I could love Consumer Cellular any more... they offer iPhones!!! This really is an amazing phone. It's so smart (like all Apple products) and has tremendous capability. The battery life is great, and it syncs with my Google accounts with ease. Did I mention the App Store?! I use a ton of apps that make my life more organized and fun! Consumer Cellular's service options, flexibility and value are AMAZING, and the price of their iPhone 5c is competitive (love that payments are spread out). We have been completely happy with our cell service. That is the first time we have made that statement in 15 years!! Great job, Consumer Cellular!

Apple iPhone 5s

This is my first "smart" phone and I am totally amazed at what this thing does! It's not "just" a phone, it's truly a computer with added versatility! The more I use it, the more I find uses for it, such as keeping all my cumbersome loyalty cards in my wallet, now in my phone ... and so many more. My niece is finding apps for me she thinks will be useful! And the great thing is, I am now tech savvy enough to keep in touch with the younger ones! I am having so much fun the more I learn what this thing does! I did get the 5s because I reviewed each model extensively, and found this one will hold it's value and still be up to date 2 years from now. I am so very pleased and grateful to Consumer Cellular for adding these phones to their offerings. CC is great enough and helps us who are older keep up with the younger generation. It enhances our relationships as well as our lives. It's all totally cool!

Motorola Moto G

LOVE THIS PHONE! Have had it 2 weeks and have nothing but good things to say. Easy to operate; much better battery life than I expected; fast processing; easy keep track of data usage and make adjustments so you don't spend a fortune on data; all for a VERY reasonable price! And . . . of course, Consumer Cellular is easy to reach before and after purchase to answer questions they send the phone with most of the set up done and easy to understand instructions; and their monthly fees are very low!

Consumer Cellular Envoy

It is one of the best cell phones I have ever purchased. In-expensive, clear, works excellent in all of its functions, clear and easy to use. Very satisfied!

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"Thank you so much for your speedy and professional assistance! I am very satisfied with Consumer Cellular service, and will do my best to spread the good word about you!" — Linda G.

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