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Consumer Cellular Nano SIM Card

I received a card for an iPhone 4s. Put it in and it worked right away. The phone was from a different company.

Apple iPhone 5s

I'd been thinking a long time about purchasing an iPhone. I ordered one for my wife (a 5c) and had been waiting for the price to come down. I was rather hesitant, somewhat concerned about the complexity of the phone. I finally took the plunge. So glad I did. Changing from the Huawei u8800 android was a snap, with the help from the techs at Consumer Cellular. I had concerns about switching my contacts, photos, etc. Not a problem. This phone is amazing! Should have done it a long time ago. Hands down, better than the Huawei, although at the time, I thought the Huawei was great. Was going to go for the 6, but didn't want to spend the extra cash. Easy pay is a nice way of buying the phone of your choice without having to empty your bank account. Thank you Consumer Cellular. Another happy camper.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

As an owner of an iPad and iPod Touch, I am partial to the iPhone since I can easily transfer all the apps I use on those devices to the iPhone. I always thought the iPhone 5 was too small to read, so I was thrilled when Apple offered 2 larger phones. Which one to choose was quite a dilemma, but I decided to go big with iPhone 6 Plus. It fits in all my jeans back pockets. I purchased a Large Pocket Spibelt to wear with pocketless slacks so I can listen to downloaded podcasts and Sirius XM radio shows while walking. The only reason I give less than a 5 rating is that I wish it was a bit shorter, the width of iPhone 6 Plus and the length of iPhone 6 would be perfect, in my opinion. It works great, it is beautiful, and it is large enough to read.

Huawei Vision 2

My wife and I bought two of these at Target. Both worked fine out of the box, although my wife's battery was totally empty. The fit and finish seem very nice and the screen is bright and readable. Everything seems to be tweaked to make operation easier. Signing up for service was amazingly easy. Only cons so far are battery seems to run down quickly, but not awful and low volume. Otherwise very happy with both the phones and Consumer Cellular.

Motorola Moto G

I was skeptical about getting this phone and had been eyeing it for quite a while. I finally bought it and I'm glad I did. This phone is simple to use straight out the box. After the 3 step setup, you're ready to go. There's a load of free apps to get that include quickoffice which is like Microsoft Office and Notepad that is useful for shopping lists, etc. I really like that you can see a text conversation easily. I thought that the camera and video would be difficult but it's not and I'm not intimidated by it. Pictures turn out very nice. This phone operates so fast; just turn it on and it goes. The Customer Service representative was very helpful in assisting me with keeping the number I had with my previous service. Adding my favorite webpages to the homescreen is like adding a shortcut for easy access to the websites. I watched several videos and studied the guide while I waited for the phone to be delivered so I was ready for it. I'm in awe of this phone and appreciate Consumer Cellular for offering this. I love it!!

Consumer Cellular Envoy

Have been very happy in every way with my Envoy.For the price, it is a great bargain.

Doro PhoneEasy 626

This Doro is one very nice flip phone to own! The buttons are easy to manipulate, the screen is large for easy viewing, and the volume will satisfy the most hardest of hearing. It has proven to be a reliable, durable phone. It is a little different than other flip phones but once you get used to the functions, you will be very happy with this phone.

Motorola Moto E LTE

I just received my phone and I really enjoy it. Very easy to use. I bought it to use with my Fitbit and it works perfectly for my needs.

Motorola Moto G EXT

I just bought my new smart phone from Sears to replace my very outdated flip phone that had died. I chose this phone because of the larger screen and the reviews helped me to pick, as well. I am new to smart phones but I have a very knowledgeable 16 Year old who has helped me learn how to use it... This phone is so great! It has such great features, where do I begin? The helpful and friendly people at Consumer Cellular have made my transition from old flip phone to smart phone a breeze! By far this is the best customer service I have had from any phone company anywhere. Consumer Cellular should have training sessions for all other companies out there... They all could learn something, Truly! I'm having so much fun with this new phone that the only complaint I have is the battery life, I'm running it down too fast and have to recharge mid-day, my bad though not the phone's fault. I highly recommend this phone and Consumer Cellular to everyone. Love you guys!

Huawei Ascend Mate 2

I mulled over getting this phone for several months. I'm so glad I finally bought it as it exceeds my expectations. My hands are rather small, but I have no problems with the larger size of the phone. The screen is bright and clear, and the processor is fast. The battery is great. I had to charge my old phone twice a day. I have been charging this phone every other day. The camera is absolutely awesome. With the larger screen and the awesome camera, I'm strongly considering downsizing my gadgets and getting rid of my tablet and my camera. The Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is all you need for a portable gadget. The price was very reasonable considering comparable or even lesser phones are much more expensive. Thank you, Consumer Cellular for offering this phone. I love it!

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